CaviWipes™ HP

Surface Disinfectants

Surface Disinfectants

From the leading dental wipe brand comes a new hydrogen peroxide wipe that is gentle for your staff and patients while protecting them from germs, bacteria and viruses that could compromise your practice. CaviWipes HP is Simple Alcohol-free Fast Effective (S.A.F.E.).

Caviwipes HP offers a universal 1-minute contact time against all listed pathogens, offering simplicity and peace of mind for every application. The new green top opens and closes more easily and securely, and dispenses wipes with precision, helping to reduce waste.

CaviWipes HP provides a friendly alternative for those who prefer not to use alcohol-based wipes, and our HP formulation provides better cleaning efficacy than alcohol-based products.

CaviWipes HP 1-step* and 1-minute universal contact time reduces waiting time for disinfection and increases staff efficiency.

In addition to providing effective disinfection against all 67 listed pathogen including MDRO’s, CaviWipes HP is qualified for the EPA’s rigorous Emerging Viral Pathogen claim, protecting you against future pathogens as well.

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Material Compatibility | Metrex

Wall Brackets

13-1175CaviWipes canister wall brackets

CaviWipes HP

16-1100CaviWipes HP160 towelettes per canister (6" x 6.75")
16-1150CaviWipes HP XL65 towelettes per canister (9" x 12")


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