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Dental Assisting – About Us

One of the fastest growing job careers in the United States is the career as a Dental Assistant.

The efficiency of a dentist is greatly influenced by dental assistants. Dental assistants are very valuable to the dental team and your oral health. For those who want to have a reliable career that they will be able to depend on then a dental assistant career may be right for you. Not only does it pay well but it is a very enjoyable job. If you have great communication skills and love being around people where you can work hands on with a lot of responsibility then choose a dental assisting career.

Dental Assisting Schools
Dental assistants have many responsibilities that help prepare patients for their dental treatments. They prepare people for teeth cleaning plus help in the sterilization of the equipment. Dental assistants help with oral x-rays and help maintain records of the patients.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there should be more than 74,000 new openings for dental assistants up to the year 2022. That is an astounding amount of growth over the next few years. Job opportunities are everywhere.